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What will make the coming year a Better year?


Personally, I’m looking forward to be healthy, safe, have peace of mind, Experience harmony, creative, prosperous,, be exited, be inspired and inspire others, live with personal peace,world peace, love and light…   

Please accept my blessings for you as I wish for myself.

First step to manifest my wishes and blessings is by tuning of spirit,thoughts and intention, to be aware of the positive around me, to be grateful for all the good around, to act in my pure truth  and to have faith and trust in the “Magic of the Flow”…

I strive to be one with all my actions, it requires awareness and desire to make sure anything I do will support me, the others and the world so it will become a better place for my kids and yours… a win win perspective.

It’s obvious that changing from survival to thriving means taking a leap… and it’s possible.
First, it takes personal deep work, then reflecting it to the surroundings… there are things that depends only on me to make work and then, there are the relationship with my environment, my family, friends, neighbors,nature and the “system” that I live in…

I find it my responsibility to share my light (when I feel I have it:)) with you on all the levels I’m aware of, including drumming and music teachings and performances, delicious and healthy food recipes, spiritual awareness, philosophical concepts, sharing my thoughts of green and sustainability , world peace

r?I find it my humanitarian responsibility to bring to awareness of Bernie Sanders, his thoughts and ideas and perspective are very much in support of all people.

The basic concept of having health care and education as if the system is the parents of all of our kids and it’s citizens as it should be, we want them to grow, to learn and to thrive right?
I think that’s what the system should strive for as well.
The system probably can invest in caring for it’s people at least as much as the cost of the wars !
what do you think?

I’m aware that this approach is different and opposes the system as it’s been for long and that it will be challenging to make the change.

it takes a leap !

I wish us all to leap from surviving to thriving in 2016 !!!

In a parallel reality here are some of my activities, concerts, lessons, tours…you’re invited.

1) Hand drums lessons :
In 4 lessons, you’ll most likely be able to already know enough to play and grow on your own, play with others and create music , fun, therapy, joy…
New Years special: 4 lessons for price of 3, only $150
Register by Jan 5/ 2016
2) Perform/Teach at your school, university, organization or home concerts…
Please contact me for answers and info.
lets schedule for 2016*** Jan 8/ 2016
Dinner and Concert in Oakland.Ca.
ask for details
3) Saturday, January 23, 2016
At Mashuqa and Carl’s studio,
15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA USA 95032  (408) 356-9473
Sephardic Music  Concert, Workshops, and Potluck
Dr. Andrea Fishman vocals,
 Dr. Eric Ederer oudist, & Dror Sinai percussionist in concert.
4) Jan 25, 2016, 12pm
University of Florida, Gainesville, Music dept.
“Rhythms from around the World”, Lecture/Performance
solo- Dror Sinai
5) Jan 25/ 2016, 7pm
solo concert at Chabad Gainesville, FL.
“Desert Roots”– Jewish Music from around the World

Link to Additional Resource

6) Jan 27, 2016
University of Florida (UFL) Gainesville,FL.
This year we’ll have an amazing Moroccan Canter, Lior Elmaliah, the great Ashkenazi cantor Yanki Lemmer and wonderful musicians; Yair dalalFrank London (from ” Klezmatics“), Shai BaharDror Sinai
7) Jan 28 /2016
Tampa, FL.
details soon

Link to Additional Resource

8) Feb 7, 2016
in Monterey, Ca.
“Life ALIVE”
A mini retreat of learning, socializing, dinner, concert and much joy…
Feel free to be on interested list
Details soon

Link to Additional Resource

9) March 4, 2016
Santa Cruz, Ca.
“Awakening the Senses”
Cozy dinner and concert, where your taste buds combined with visual and audible experience will awaken all your senses to feel well ALIVE !
Feel free to be on interested list
details soon

Link to Additional Resource

April 29- May 8/ 2016
11) “World sacred Music Festival”
May 6-15/ 2016
The world Sacred music festival did not announce dates yet so we’re using an educated guess…:)
This situation creates an amazing opportunity: we’ll be celebrating Mimouna in Morocco.
Mimouna is a Moroccan Jewish tradition of celebration at the the end of Passover  holiday.
We’ll be celebrating at local homes with a special spread of foods, music, dance and loving people…
In past years we explored lots of Moroccan music including Andalous, Chaa’bi, malh’un, ah;ouach, Gnaoua, H’madcha….This is the first time we’ll explore jewish music during a Jewish holiday in Morocco. Very Special.
email me for details
pay $1,000 downpayment by Jan 10/2016 to receive $500 discount.
Bal due Jan 15/2016 to receive this discount
As I’m booking 2016 it’s a good time to communicate with me now- email
   May this be the year of thriving


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“Piece of PEACE “

                                  THIS Fri. Oct 24, 8pm

Yair Dalal & Dror Sinai


at a cozy home concert, Seabright, Santa Cruz, ca.

Deep, earthy, ancient sounds of the oud, the vibrating violin and songs, with the haunting rhythms of the drums…

 We just arrived back from playing for huge audience at LEAF festival, Black Mountain ,N Carolina…

and looking forward to share music with you at a friends cozy home this coming Fri. Oct 24/2014

 here is from past concerts

Al Ol – Yair Dalal and Dror Sinai – UCSC Recital Hall, 2012

 The concert will be at a cozy home in Santa Cruz, Seabright area.

Since very limited seating area, BEST way to reserve your seat is by getting a ticket $20


 or you can email me to reserve and I’ll place your name on the list.

 Please , request to be on the list ONLY if you’re sure to come!

 It’s a last minute event, This Fri. Please help with sharing and inviting friends.

 location: home on Seabright, will private message address upon reservation.

 We’ll serve snacks and tea, feel free to bring munchies or wine to share

 Looking forward to see you

 Dror Sinai

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Life ALIVE !

Saturday, December 27, 2014  4:00 – 9:00 pm

          “Life Alive”

Doumbek Workshop, Potluck, Concert

Educational, social, culinary,entertaining, spiritual, fun, joyful and healing…

Dror w/ Ahouach Ourika Valley

Dror w/ Ahouach Ourika Valley

wonderful retreat…

      with Dror Sinai

                       (Rhythm Fusion, Santa Cruz)

Ma*Shuqa & Carl are excited to host a…

“Pre-New Year Gathering to Live a Lively Life”

Lets keep the vibration up celebrating 2014

making sure we have lively lives

and enjoy life, and each other.

Come share a fun afternoon and evening among friends.


– Presented by Reel Sound and Light Productions, Ma*Shuqa and Carl Sermon –

4:00 – 5:30pm “Intro to Rhythms and Doumbek Workshop”

  • For anyone interested in hand drums, music, dance, awareness, fun, and inspiration.
  • Focus on Middle Eastern and North African styles
  • Explore basic healthy positions of holding the doumbek and learn basic tones.
  • Learn basic traditional rhythms while playing musical games, learning to embody the rhythms. 
  • Listen to ourselves and others and have “rhythmical conversations” as we play together in harmony and learn while having fun…and dancing together.
  • Doumbeks, riqs, frame drums available to borrow at the workshop.


6:00-7:00 PM Potluck Dinner  Please bring food to share, wine and other drinks, we’ll meet and greet each other creating a warm community.  $10. or Potluck/Wine donation


7:00-9:00 pm Desert Roots Mugical (Music and Magic) Concert

Dror will share with us singing and playing a variety of songs from the Middle East and North Africa: Israel, Yemen, Egypt, Spanish Sephardic Ladino, Tunisia, and Morocco.

Playing a variety of drums – frame drums, riq, and darbuka, and singing these haunting songs

we’ll be transformed to faraway lands.

 We’ll all have a chance to join in with joyful songs, drums, and dancing…


Doumbek workshop $20   Potluck (or $10 donation)   Concert $25


Mail check to Studio or Call (408) 356-9473 to register and pay by credit card

Ma*Shuqa & Carl’s Studio, 15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA 95032, USA

For more info or request directions contact MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com

www.DrorSinai.com  www.ReelSoundandLight.com  www.MaShuqa.com

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Life ALIVE….

An evening of learning, socializing, fun and entertaining

ancient rhythms, joyful songs, drumming and dancing…

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience enchanting songs and rhythms from the Middle East and North Africa by internationally known, charismatic percussionist, performer, educator and sound healer:


Sunday, April 27, 2014

4- 8:30:00 p.m.

Private residence in Yosemite Lakes Park

(Address and directions will be emailed after payment is received.)

For those interested in INTRO TO DOUMBEK, Dror will be teaching a pre-concert class for beginning to advanced drummers starting at 4:00 p.m. (There will be some doumbeks available for student use.)  

If you would like to get to know Dror, please join him for a pre-concert potluck dinner beginning at 6:00 p.m. 

Please contact Marcia Freedman (freedman@sti.net)  or Susan Rappaport (susanrappaport@gmail.com) for tickets and/or more information.

Space is limited. Tickets must be reserved and prepaid by April 13.


“Rhythm is all around us, in everything we see, we touch, we breathe…  With rhythm, we shall achieve better communication and understanding among ourselves and all people:..”  ~ Dror 


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Middle eastern Musical Journey, Dror Sinai & Maya Haddi

Friday, March 21 at 8:00 pm 

♪♫MiddleEasternMusicalJourney ♪♫ Featuring 

Maya Zebley (vocals, storytelling) and Dror Sinai (percussion) 

Listen to the lilting melodies and rhythms of Jewish and Israeli music that comes from Morocco and Spain, Yemen and Iraq. Hear the stories of how these songs have traveled and been transformed into Jewish prayers and popular Israeli music.

Beth Chaim member Maya Zebley is an accomplished singer/song-writer and recording artist. In Los Angeles, Maya won The John Lennon Song Writing competition with her world music composition “My Country”. Maya’s collaborative work includes recordings with The Yuval Ron Ensemble and her songs have been featured in films. In 2007, Maya performed with the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Orchestra as a featured vocal soloist at the Ford Amphitheatre. Maya is a graduate of the Rimon School of Music in

Israel as well as Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2012, Maya graduated from California State University, Northridge where she earned her Music Therapy degree. She is a new member of Beth Chaim with her husband Matt and their two daughters Noa-May and Natalie.

Dror Sinai is an international performer, educator, singer/vocalist and guest artist, as well as the Founder of Rhythm Fusion, Inc. in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2002, he received the Gail Rich award for supporting the arts, and is a founding member of the World Music Committee for the Percussive Arts Society. Dror has performed as a solo artist and has appeared in ensembles of many different musical styles, with other talented artists, including Yair Dalal, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Yuval Ron, and Alessandra Belloni. Dror is a lecturer and has presented clinics, and workshops at universities and a variety of other settings.

Our evening begins at 7:00 pm with an abbreviated Shabbat Evening Service. People are invited to bring a bottle of wine and/or a favorite dessert to share. From 7:30 – 8:00 pm, we will schmooze and socialize prior to our 8:00 pm special program. You are invited to come for any or all of the above.

Shabbat Service. . . . . . . . . . 7:00 – 7:30 pm Schmoozing . . . . . . . . . . . . .7:30 – 8:00 pm Program Begins. . . . . . . . . . 8:00 pm

For more information about Maya and Dror, please visit their websites: www.mayamusic.com and www.drorsinai.com 


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Life ALIVE – Dec 28, 2013

“Life ALIVE!”

Saturday, December 28, 2013 4:00 – 8:30 pm        

“Intro to Doumbek Workshop”


6:00-7:00 PM Potluck Dinner

7:00-8:30 pm Desert Roots Mugical (Music and Magic) Concert

Los Gatos, CA 95032, USA

For more info or request directions contact   MaShuqaDancer@gmail.com 


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“Playing for Peace”

 by the Peace Messengers

Israeli, Palestinian & Iranian great musicians

Saturday, May 4 at 8:00 pm at

Temple Beth El ,3055 Porter Gulch Road , Aptos, CA 95003           Tel 831/479-3444

Dror 831-234-0619


Yair Dalal-Oud, Violin, Vocal (www.YairDalal.com) , Naser Musa-Oud, Vocal(www.nasermusa.net), Hamid Saeidi-Santoor,Vocal (http://www.hamidsaeidi.com), Dror Sinai-Percussion,vocal (www.DrorSinai.com)

Coming together for an amazing musical journey of mystical, meditative and peaceful message…

More Dates;
April 13- Gainesville , FL.
April 14- Jacksonville, FL.
May 3rd- Fresno, Ca.
May 4t-Santa Cruz, Ca.

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Happy New World (& how to)

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy,            

Morocco sand dunes Peaceful, Harmonious, Prosperous,

Meaningful and Loving New World…

One way to make it come true is to Be Yourself, Do the things you like to do and enjoy it NOW

Here is how I can help and inspire:

1) Did you ever dream on going to Morocco?
You can still save $485 if by Dec 31/12  (4 more days)
Mugical-Morocco. May 31-June 16/2013
A Journey of a life time
Paypal now to save $485
Buy Now
Please like & share Like me on Facebook with friends who may be interested

2) New Year resolution: start drumming or get a gift certificate for a friend?
I’m avail for group & private Drum & Percussion lessons
For a private lesson, paypal below
Buy Now

also, have couple local workshops in Jan:

3) Mid-East Percussion workshopSan Jose
Sun. Jan 6 /2013.  4-5:30pm , Jan 13-2-5:30pm  in San Jose
also see on Facebook
pre-register and pay Buy Now

4) Mid-East Percussion workshopSanta Cruz
Mo. Jan 7, 14 & 21 /2013.   7-8:30pm
see on Facebook
pre-register and pay Buy Now

5) Monarch Inn
If you’re vacationing in santa Cruz Area, this wonderful old style B&B is Majestically located on the cliff in Capitola facing the never-ending Ocean view
Communicate with Lonna3 nights for 2 nights price

6) My friends John & Barbara Chookasian,
wonderful Armenian music.
Coming up to Bay Area soon

7)Career Opportunity
I’m looking for an ECOMMERCE “WIZ” partner, to build and manage a successful new website…
Interesting vision of a “Personal Amazon”…

Are you tired of working for a corporation? ready to be your own boss? Have knowledge, experience and no fear?
talk to me

Happy New World,
Keep life ALIVE


Dror Sinai

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Mid-east Percussion, Jan 2013-San Jose & Santa Cruz

Middle East Percussion classes- San Jose

    • Sun. Jan 6, / 2013        4-5:30pm  + Sun Jan 13, 2-5:30 (two classes)
  • silicon valley business center
    1900 Camden av. (at Leigh)
    San Jose , Ca. 95124
  • This is a 3 class session (1 class Jan 6 + 2 classes Jan 13) for the ones who have a little experience or already took my “Intro” class in past.
    For Belly dancers , their friends and the interested
    We’ll play Frame drum, Riq & Doumbek.
    We’ll learn rhythms, rhythmic games and work on rhythmic compositions…
    much to learn and grow and all while we’re having a great time.

    Best to register in advance


 Middle East Percussion classes- Santa Cruz

    • Mo. Jan 7,14,21 / 2013        7-8:30pm
  • Santa Cruz, Ca.
  • This is a 3 class session for the ones who have a little experience or already took my “Intro” class in past.
    For Belly dancers , their friends and the interested
    We’ll play Frame drum, Riq & Doumbek.
    We’ll learn rhythms, rhythmic games and work on rhythmic compositions…
    much to learn and grow and all while we’re having a great time.

    Best to register in advance


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Armando, Uncle Mafufo- you’ll always be missed

My friend , my teacher and inspiration, Armando Fojaco also known as Uncle Mafufo, has passed away few days ago, almost 73.

Big guy, big hands and very sensitive touch… the rhythms…the smile…the love…                     
I imagine now he’s with the lights shining from above…

Thank you for being my friend and my teacher.
Thank you for your soft acceptance.
Thank you for the smiles.
Thank you for inspiring me and many others to play drums and percussion.
Thank you for inspiring my kids for out of the box art expressions.
Thank you for introducing me to the Belly dance scene.
Thank you for the time at Oregon country fair.
Thank you for introducing me to Sweets Mill and all the great time.
Thank you for teaching so many people, people who will continue to remember you, continue to play and teach.
You’ll always be loved and missed.

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