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+  the World Sacred Music Festival, Fes, Morocco

2016 tours

 Few years ago, my trip to the Sacred Music Festival in Fes with the Yuval Ron Ensemble was so deeply inspiring that I thought anyone must explore and enjoy this most inspiring adventure of a lifetime…

Two years ago I was blessed to play there again with Yair dalal ensemble, now on my fifth journey, I invite you again to join and share the experience and travel with me to meet the tribal musicians and dancers of Morocco and to share this extraordinary spiritual, cultural, Magical & musical Journey.

**Together we will explore the wonders of this ancient civilization and its many mystical music and dance traditions, beautiful architecture, bustling colorful markets…

** Most evenings in our journey, We will enjoy Berber and Sufi Gnawa tribal music and dance ceremonies, Andalusian and Sephardic-Jewish musicians, Issawa, local Chaabi musicians, a Malhoun– beautiful poetic music & more…

**Ride camels & spend a night in the magical Sahara dunes…

**Enjoy the Sacred Music Festival– and this year the line up of world musicians is AMAZING! c’k it out here www.fesfestival.com

**Please read the Itinerary for more details

Keep Life Alive

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