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+  the World Sacred Music Festival, Fes, Morocco

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Morocco Desert to Blue Tour, Oct 27-Nov 6/ 2017

 Few years ago, my trip to the Sacred Music Festival in Fes with the Yuval Ron Ensemble was so deeply inspiring that I thought anyone must explore and enjoy this most inspiring adventure of a lifetime…

Two years ago I was blessed to play there again with Yair dalal ensemble, now on my fifth journey, I invite you again to join and share the experience and travel with me to meet the tribal musicians and dancers of Morocco and to share this extraordinary spiritual, cultural, Magical & musical Journey.

**Together we will explore the wonders of this ancient civilization and its many mystical music and dance traditions, beautiful architecture, bustling colorful markets…

** Most evenings in our journey, We will enjoy Berber and Sufi Gnawa tribal music and dance ceremonies, Andalusian and Sephardic-Jewish musicians, Issawa, local Chaabi musicians, a Malhoun– beautiful poetic music & more…

**Ride camels & spend a night in the magical Sahara dunes…

**Enjoy the Sacred Music Festival– and this year the line up of world musicians is AMAZING! c’k it out here www.fesfestival.com

**Please read the Itinerary for more details

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