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World Sacred Music festival,Fes, Morocco tour June 22-July 01 / 2018

World Sacred Music Festival,Fes

June 22-July 01/ 2018 (9 nights)  Every year this amazing festival has been wonderful and worldly experience.

(Possible to join from the festival to Mugical Morocco June 15-24 / 2018

Or both tours with a special value.

9 days of music from around the world in venues that you’ve never dreamed about…We’ll have free personal time and inspiring activities  for the first part of the day so we can be at the concerts in the afternoon.

Generally the first concert starts at around 4pm and then more concerts may be at 6pm, 8pm, 9pm,10,pm and sufi nights at 11:30pm in variety of dream like venues…

Day 1 : We’ll pick you up at Fes airport or train station upon arrival to the hotel to be ready for opening night ceremony.

 opening night of the festival. 

Hosted in Bab el Makina, the old horse stables of the king, all walled around but open to the sky, stars,clouds and birds to be a part of the experience

Every year it has been a spectacular event, last year the theme was Africa, so many talented, powerful, special musicians and artists… wow

Day 2: Fez 

Undeniably fascinating, Fez stimulates the senses with its haunting yet beautiful sounds, visual splendor, and evocative smells. The most ancient of imperial capitals and the most complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is reminiscent of a city suspended in time, unfazed by the constantly evolving world outsides its walls, owing nothing to the Western world save electricity. Time spent in Fez will reveal much about the sophistication of the Moroccan artisan, providing an unparalleled learning experience to those who cross its path. The morning will be spent visiting  a local clay factory, beautiful products made the same way for hundreds of years, from earth to magnificent finished pieces… visit the worldly known Tanneries of Fes…break for lunch at a Moroccan restaurant and will continue to explore the Medina and shop

We’ll arrive back to the first concert 4pm and for the night concerts (whoever is interested)

Day 3 : We’ll drive the ones who go back to casablanca airport.

The rest of us will explore Fes Medina and maybe some free time

Afternoon/eve concerts

Day 4 :  Fez– Meknes – Moulay Idris – Volubilis – 

about couple hrs drive, we’ll try to visit all with an ease.

Moulai Idriss is where Islam arrived in Morocco.

Volubilis is an ancient Roman site and Meknes is beautiful…

\return by afternoon for festival concerts/performance.

Day 5 : Fez – Moulay Yacob – Fez

Excursion by day to Moulay Jacob.

Afternoon/evening festival concerts/performances.

Day 6 : We’ll e’ve a free day for Personal Excursion

evening festival concerts/performance.

Day 7: Fez – Sefrou – Bhalil – Fez

Excursion by day to Sefrou – Bhalil 

evening festival performances.

Day 8: Free day to explore on your own.

Afternoon/eve concerts

 Day 9: We may explore the new city and optional free day.

Afternoon/Eve concerts and performances

Day 10-Depart Morocco Transfer to Casablanca and Fes airports

We’ll be happy, exhausted with overload of the senses, in a state that’s in between Dream and reality…and emotional… I know.. 🙂

NOTE: Itinerary may change without early notice !

What is included:

*Accommodations in a beautiful Riad or hotel, including two meals a day

*Land transportation to specified events .

*Assistance from local guides

*Fees for monuments, museums.

*Transfer to Fes airport  May 21/ 2017

Note: Concert tickets to the festival are not included. (Festival pass can be bought)

We found that a festival pass may be too expansive and individuals may choose different and not all concerts to attend so, we chose to let everyone got the tickets for the concert they want to attend on the spot. (Last year tickets were always avail. range of $15-$50 each )

*Itinerary may change without early notice.

*The pace, culture, values and timing in Morocco are very different than ours, please expect delays and changes already! We still can have great and deep exploration and much fun.

*I put together the itinerary according to my passion, what I liked & enjoyed the most. With joining my adventures, you agree to release me (Dror Sinai) from any liability that may occur.

*Please make sure to purchase a travel insurance when you purchase your air ticket.(Must!)

Make sure you have your passport ready and valid.(min 6months)

Can’t wait for another mugical journey.

Email me for more details, cost and Registration forms.

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