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About Dror Chi Gong

Dror Sinai is a true force of nature, whose unique blend of Musical and Healing expertise, combined with his passion for Travel and Personal Growth, has inspired and uplifted people from all walks of life. He is a true visionary and pioneer in the world of percussion,World Peace, Chi Gong, Healing, and Personal Development, and his contributions to these fields are felt by many.

I was healed in few seconds !

That’s it! no surgery needed ! I got my life back and better.

That experience inspired me to dive deeper and learn more about Chi Gong ( Qi Gong) and become a healer and Chi Gong teacher .

Chi -means energy, the force of life. Gong-means practice/mastery.

Chi Gong is one of the 5 branches of Chinese medicine. Known to be a practice for preventing illness… 

Chi gong play is like a moving meditation, really accessible for EVERYBODY.

As I recognized and experienced the healing power of Chi Gong and the ease of doing, I feel like it is my mission to share with everyone else who cares to elevate their life style.

Since practicing Chi Gong, my life style has elevated. 

My physical and range of motions has increased and in such an ease. My emotions became so much regulated, my immunity is stronger, my mind is clear and my mood is so great…

In our practice, We will start with breathing, as breath is the quickest way to get energy (Chi). Also, breathing will get us in touch with ourselves in present time. With slowing the breath we can slow our monkey mind…

Then we will warm up, activate, invigorate the energy within.

While doing stretches, we will let go, purge old stagnant energy and set the flow to bring in new, positive and flowing energy.

Then we will do the FLOWS, slow, meditative movements that will tonify and strengthen the energy we’ve invited in.

We will practice the five elements, learn about the body organs connection, the emotions that are related to each organ and how to transform to the positive , for example from Fear to Inner Peace…

We’ll end with a short meditation.

At the end of each session, everything seems to be better enhanced, the colors, the feelings and emotions are calmer, the mood is so much better, the flow…

Welcome to your new and elevated experience of life.

The Magic of the Flow…

Describe where your experience takes place:

When I’m not traveling the world (I often lead “Mugical-Morocco Tours” or on a teaching/Healing/Concert tour)

 I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. few minutes from the beach. My favorite place to practice Chi Gong is on the beach and I’ll be happy to have you join when possible. 

I teach in person and online. Private and groups.

via Zoom Tues and Thurs 9am Pacific time, or other platforms, filming in my beautiful garden with music of the local birds…:)

Email me for a session ad zoom link

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The Magic of the Flow

Chi Gong enhances Life Style

Dror Sinai

a world percussionist, educator, performer, rhythm therapist, 

sound healer and Energy Facilitator to name few…

What else do guests need to know before they book?

Put yourself in a guest’s shoes. Some information may seem obvious, but be detailed so guests are over-prepared.

What else do guests need to know before they book?

The most challenging for people is to “empty” the mind and allow this hour of time to be in present time.

No previous experience necessary. There are ways to modify the practice to make it fit your personal ability at the moment. The practice is for anyone! and yes, it makes for a better reality…:)

Wear comfortable clothes, if like you may have  a yoga matt, shoes optional.