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It has been an honor and a privilege to have met  and learned from you.  I am  amazed by your abilities to create space for all participants and give over complex  concepts with
simplicity and profound depth.  Anyone who has the opportunity to study with you is blessed. Thank you for all that you’ve shared.
Motti Shanet

We had the great pleasure of hosting Dror at Carleton College for a three day residency, together with the oud and violinist Yair Dalal. During a fascinating residency they visited classes, interacted with students and faculty, and performed a wonderful concert.

In the last day of the residency, Dror visited my class on Middle Eastern music, and gave a fascinating hour-long lecture demonstration on Middle Eastern rhythms and percussion playing. The students were captivated by Dror’s beautiful playing and deep connection with the music. In a conversation intertwined with short demonstrations, Dror not only introduced the students to the qualities of percussion in Middle Eastern music, but also had them reflect on broader questions, such as the nature of rhythm in music. In one of the most memorable moments of the lesson Dror asked the students to close their eyes, and played a long percussion segment for them. 25 students were totally immersed in the music, and never opened their eyes until Dror ended his playing (attests the only person who did peak…) I felt that my students came out of the class with a deep appreciation for Middle Eastern percussion, having gone through a meaningful experience.

I highly recommend Dror for similar campus residencies.


Yaron Klein

Associate Professor, Carleton College

The South Florida Center for Percussive Arts was proud to host its first ever Middle Eastern event featuring Dror Sinai. It had a very powerful impact on me for several reasons. I was so happy to be exposed to and learn so much about the music, drumming, and culture! Definitely a proud moment for the SFCPA to offer something so different to the South Florida community. Thank you Dror for the experience!

Brandon Cruz

Founder/Director , South Florida Center for Percussive Arts

Dror brings to his performances enthusiasm and musicality from an array of percussion instruments that continually surprises, and almost shocks the listener. And what I love about his performances is the way in which he engages the audience, forcing a bridge between them and the performers, between musical traditions and cultures that helps make accessible what might otherwise not be. Dror is the consummate performer, an audience’s link to music no matter how little they understand about what he is up to musically.



Jack Kugelmass

Melton Legislative Professor and Director, Center for Jewish Studies , University of Florida

Your service, music and stories Friday night were wonderful! Thank you so much for joining us. I have heard only positive feedback from students.  Your voice, as expected, moved me. A beautiful way to bring in Shabbat. Thank you.


Johanna Wilder

Program Director, Santa Cruz Hillel

Eat the bread, and dance the music! Come meet the unknown, gain deeper insight, and embrace the unfolding… A kaleidoscope of culture, music, food, shopping, bad jokes, breathtaking landscapes, tourist and non-tourist attractions, intimate gatherings with new friends, life lessons of past and present, magickal moments on and off the beaten path… with challenges and transformations and transcendences oh my! My life has forever been changed. The Tkitikat and Andalous music in Marrakesh, the Ahuoach dance party in Ourika Valley, the Gnawa group from the Sahara desert… and, of course, the Fes World Sacred Music Festival. I couldn’t stop smiling in Fez! To put it simply, I lost myself, then found myself again. Thank you, Dror, for this unique and enlightening “mugical” journey. It reinvigorated my heart, mind, spirit, and soul.
J.K. Norris

CA USA, Mugical Morocco, May 5-21, 2017

“A couple of weeks we had the pleasure of hosting Dror Sinai at our temple, for a special “Rhythm Shabbat” Morning program. It was a lovely, unique event!

Our congregants were engaged and responded with enthusiasm to Dror’s childhood stories, accompanied by variety of rhythms and musical  flavors from around the world. We even got up and danced!

Here are samples of our congregants’ feedback –

“Dror sang Yigdal so sweetly it brought tears to my eyes.  He is a wonderful and magical person to meet and listen to.”

“What a fantastic man! Boy, I am glad to have the opportunity to enjoy his stories and music of other lands. Thinking seriously of joining him on his 10 day trip thru Morocco!”

We warmly recommend Dror for future events!

On behalf of our congregants and myself,


Cantor Meeka Simerly

Temple Emanu-El, San Jose, California”

Dror Sinai’s charisma, musical abilities, story-telling skills, and deep knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa has been an incredibly useful in engaging and educating students on Mizrahi and Sephardi history and culture. There are few people who combine and share cultural, political, and spiritual information with such grace and ease. Thank you Dror, for sharing your knowledge with JIMENA audiences!


Sarah Levin

Director, JIMENA: Jew Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed traveling with you and how wonderful the entire trip turned out to be. It was definitely a magical experience! I especially appreciated your warmth and considerateness and your very sweet soul. I hope our paths will continue to cross. If you are ever in the  area, you always have a place to stay at my house.
Many blessings,


Thank you so much for a truly inspired performance yesterday. Your audience was obviously charmed, and many people told me how interesting and revealing your presentation was. You lifted our spirits—thank you especially for that.

 I hope we’ll get to see you perform again soon.




Marty Manson

Arts Habitat

Dror Sinai is a spiritual leader.  He expresses his leadership through his ability to open people’s hearts and spirits to Jewish tradition and prayer.  Dror engages all ages and diverse communities through his voice and his drum.  His chanting of Mizrachi piyyutim on the High Holidays have inspired our congregation to dig deeply into our Jewish roots.  Dror is also a teacher and the pride he feels in his Yemenite culture is a great gifts he share freely. When Dror chants, we are transported through space and time.  Dror is a world class treasure, and he brings other amazing musicians to our community.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about hiring Dror to preform in your community.



Rabbi Paula Marcus

Temple Beth El Aptos, CA


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