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My friend , my teacher and inspiration, Armando Fojaco also known as Uncle Mafufo, has passed away few days ago, almost 73.

Big guy, big hands and very sensitive touch… the rhythms…the smile…the love…                     
I imagine now he’s with the lights shining from above…

Thank you for being my friend and my teacher.
Thank you for your soft acceptance.
Thank you for the smiles.
Thank you for inspiring me and many others to play drums and percussion.
Thank you for inspiring my kids for out of the box art expressions.
Thank you for introducing me to the Belly dance scene.
Thank you for the time at Oregon country fair.
Thank you for introducing me to Sweets Mill and all the great time.
Thank you for teaching so many people, people who will continue to remember you, continue to play and teach.
You’ll always be loved and missed.