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When getting ready to celebrate our Jewish holidays, I always find Morocco sand duneshow universal and spiritual the messages may be and it inspires me to share with you, Jewish or not  (hopefully conscious, aware & caring…)

Pesah’ is approaching which also called Pesach or Passover, H’ag haaviv: The Spring Holiday or H’ag Hah’eirut: Holiday of Freedom.

The story of The Israelites running away from slavery in Egypt ( in Hebrew pronounced-Mitsrayim which means “the narrow place”) – out to freedom.

Spring itself has always a feeling of freedom.

A time when all my senses are awaken and ready to be used and explored… (and your senses?)

One of the strongest attitudes for me, is the concept that each of us has his/her own slavery within.

Each with own fears, limitations, bad habits, a personal “narrow place”…

And in the same way, each has the freedom within.

and the constant challenge of which rules– Slavery or Freedom?…

It seems easier for slavery to rule, one can be passive and no need to do or act at all for it to exist especially in these times and culture of which I call “The system of slavery”.

The system of one person (the owner of the corporation) rules so many others for their own good, a system where the banks are educators of values, a system where a good person is the one with a clean credit score…

In order for FREEDOM to rule, we first must be aware and then act.

The action as I know it is a delicate balance between spiritual awareness and feelings of freedom, trusting the energy and the powers within and only then can we act on the “outside”, rebel and change the environment, the surrounding, the system…

I wish to inspire and bless you to find your freedom within.

Freedom to feel free and to feel free to do the positive changes needed to free all as one…

(ok, I said it in fewest words I can. Of course there is so much more to say: whats freedom? how do we reach within? is there a public transportation? (just joking) how do we change the system of slavery?  do we need a system? can we?…)

The way I choose to have my freedom is with constant checking in, with elevating so I can see the box from above (does it mean out of the box?) to be inspired and to inspire and always keep life ALIVE.

with gratitude and love.

So, when I invite you to my workshops, concerts or Mugical-Morocco, I don’t just sell you things but I offer to trade you a great deep inspirations and sometimes life changing experience, for few bucks.

I’m thinking of taking my kids with us to Morocco, learning of different places and cultures is a way of learning freedom

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Dror Sinai

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I Came back from Florida exhausted and satisfied.

Taught a Master Class “Rhythms from around the World” and

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“Babel/Ashkenaz: East and West in Sacred Jewish Music”

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