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“Do as Noah did and build an ark. “An ark” in Hebrew is teyva — which
means also “a word.” Your ark may be the words of meditation and of prayer. Enter into your ark, and let the waters lift you up, rather than drown you with everything else…” (daily dose)

So, when you trust enough to be “uplifted” it may mean you’re also light enough to be lifted on a camel for a night on the Sahara dunes?

** 5 places are still avail, register now for Mugical-Morocco !!!
It’s promised to change your life for the better…
(bring 5 friends and get a huge discount)
Last day for early price!!


** Hand Drum classes, private and groups:Frame drum, doumbek, riq, shakere, conga, cajon, djimbe…
I have few open spots local in Santa Cruz, if interested.

**Rock-Shabat, April 8- 418 project.6:30pm.

**I’m so lucky to be teaching & performing in Florida.
**April 4th, 12:50- “Rhythms from around the World”
Music dept. room 121, UFL.

**April 6&7 – Gainesville & Jacksonville, FL.
“Babel/Ashkenaz: East and West in Sacred Jewish Music”

Hope to have you all participate here or there…

*The lineup at the Sacred Music Festival is Amazing

Keep Life ALIVE.
Dror Sinai

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