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Do you remember an incident in your life that immediately changed everything?
You’re busy doing what you usually do, familiar routine, and suddenly seemingly from nowhere– something happens, something you did not plan on or anticipated. It could be an earthquake, a tornado or an illness that changes the way you see/perceive/value things or life for that matter…

Changes your awareness.

In my new learning, It’s called “source-Foundation“- this very moment of change of awareness IS a change in everything you do.
(and of course, this source foundation has its own source foundation)

Every change is a challenge.

The unknown of what the change is going to look/be like may be accompanied with fear, exhaustion, overwhelming… and the best way to flow with it is to trust that it is for the better, to trust that we’re protected, to trust that there is a LIGHT

and DO the best you can about it. (now)

These exact experiences of “source foundation” moments that inspired me to appreciate, respect and gratitude all & everyone around me.
this exact experiences that inspires me to live and inspire for “Life Is Now” to “Live Life ALIVE” to “Design & Occupy Our Reality“…

My actions, my lectures, my concerts and my Mugical-Morocco journey (see special details below) is my offerings to you to be inspired and do the best you can for better and better

Happy holidays, happy new year
May we experience a healthy, loving, Peaceful, joyful and prosperous year.

May the light Occupy our reality


So, If you had similar experiences, you probably agree life is now.
when you meet with family and friends this Holiday season, plan to join me on this Musical & Magical exploration of a lifetime:

Mugical-Morocco“- DISCOUNT $2,150
**if pd by Dec31/11- (first 10days)

** also receive $200 disc for each friend you inspire to join.
inspiring enough?
Click pay and email me= for registration forms now!


ask me about university credits and if you want to form your own group and discount for lg groups.

*** “Intro to hand Drums” Thurs , Feb 9,16,23/ 12
***  Also “Mid-East Drum Orchestra”– intermediate ongoing classes same dates.
*** I’m available for these:

** Hand Drum classes, private and groups:Frame drum, doumbek, riq, shakere, conga, cajon, djimbe

I have few open spots local in Santa Cruz, if interested