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The internet connection comes in through my room window for a short minute at a time. I’ll try posting few pics of our last few days in Marakech and Ourika Valley.

A tour in the gardens, an old palace of the officials, walk through the market, the crazy bustling Jama El Fna Square…

One eve of “Dka Mrakchia” performance of young wild and funny musicians at a local home of Mr. Abdel and his welcoming family, the next night of “Isaoua” (Isawa) music with the drums , song and nofar (very long trumpet like instrument that shook all around)

A beautiful, uplifting and relaxing visit to Ourika Valley, berber market, rabbi Shlomo elh’anch tomb and lunch in the most heavenly bed and breakfast – we must go there again, no one wanted to leave…

Dka Mrakchia & Lee Ali

Lee Ali is having fun with the very humoristic musicians of “Dka Mrakchia”

Lee and the water vendorLee and the water vendor

Local dancerLocal dancer

The Leader Andalusian Orchestra past away that day....The Leader Andalusian Orchestra past away that day….

Inbar is getting married again...Inbar is getting married again…

Susan and  Berber carpetsSusan and Berber carpets

Lee, Suji, Susan,Doug, Ann, Mike, Ariana, Inbar, DrorLee, Suji, Susan,Doug, Ann, Mike, Ariana, Inbar, Dror

It takes so much to “blog” , take the pics, download, resize, upload, write a text, look for a wifi connection, and look again, and try, and…

I’d rather be at the moment.

Will do my best to post a few as we go but most likely after the Journey.

Just arrived back from a real “MUGICAL” experience of a night in the SAHARA desert with the greatest Gnaoua musicians playing for us through the night…

Are you feeling it?

I must go and arrange last details for the music tonight- “Malhoun” band with the very talented and known singer Abdel Ali , oud and string player My Friend hamid and few others…

Talk later again…

Morocco at last.

Landing casa

Landing in Casablanca, Doe the view look familiar ?

Arrived yesterday in Casablanca, long flight, very tired, I did not sleep on the flight for a second.

A walk by the beach for dinner with few great people of the group who arrived a day early. (I’m not sure if it’s ok to name them all) A simple and interesting dinner with the breeze of the ocean evening air…

Couple shots of whiskey with my Moroccan Friends… night.

Today, relaxed and clearer mind we were lucky to explore the magnificent Hassan II Mosque, amazing Arab-Islamic architecture.

I’ll save on words, ck out the pics.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

An entrance to the mosque

wall carvings

Carved wooden wall

Tower of the MosqueTower of the Mosque

In front of the platinum DoorIn front of the Platinum Door. Doug, Lee, Dror, Inbar


negotiationsnegotiations- the floor

Later in the eve, we were so lucky to participate in a Friday Night ceremony at a beautiful local Jewish Synagogue, named “BET EL”….

It started with few congregants who murmured blessings with each personal own voice and expression while being in this kind of harmony…

and then:

The canter (sorry , I forgot his name) Had a haunting, powerful, transforming voice with an endless range and passion.

Ancient melodies, few that I never heard before, what a meditation…

I’m going to learn some and visit there again someday.


Praying at Temple Bet ElPraying at Temple Bet El

Lee,Suji,Inbar,Dror-At the Door to Temple Bet El, CasablancaLee,Suji,Inbar,Dror-At the Door to Temple Bet El, Casablanca

We arrived back for lighting the Shabat candles and share blessings, delicious dinner that followed up with few songs and dances. The best part was when we spontaneously joined with other Moroccan guests I’m not allowed to tell more about them until after Sept-I’ll tell then), Young and old , man and woman, song , drum and dances…beautiful smiles, heart connections of the moment …

Spontaneous party with the neighbors at the restaurantSpontaneous Party with the neighbors at the restaurant

Lee- possessed...Lee- possessed…

Looks like we're having good time?Looks like we’re having good time?

Which one is Inbar?Which one is Inbar?

Cacaroach All kinds of locals…

A midnight walk of the town, a drink in a club with cheesy music made me come back and share with you on this blog.

I guess cheesy music has it’s purpose…

Internet connection not always fast enough , and I do not have much time but will post more whenever possible.

We’re in Marakech now, will post pics when able…