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Mugical Morocco FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions & Answers *For the extension – What are the star ratings of what we will be staying in on the main tour? I would assume that whatever that category is would be fine for the extension also. Am I wrong with this assumption?

** 3+ star hotel or a Riad (Traditional Moroccan house with common area in middle and rooms around and maybe second floor- beautiful) . simple, clean, practical, beautiful, authentic, works…

*How many people have signed up to date for the main tour and also for the extension?

**Approx 20 interested. Limit is 22 travelers.

*At what point do you suggest that people book their flights, knowing that changes are difficult and expensive.

**Flights can be booked now. *How long are you planning on keeping the application process open?

**One can save $350 if pd in full by Dec/31, Also-  Monthly payments avail.

*What is considered “appropriate” for women tourists to wear in the towns and cities we will be in? Are khaki pants, t-shirts and sandals okay?  What about women always needing to cover arms?

**I find it very accepting in lg cities and around but, good idea to cover your arms in villages and holly places…

*Would any of the evenings require more “dressy” clothes – like “business casual”?

**Nice to dress up for some of the concerts but all is up to you. *Does it get cold at night? Would we need more than a light sweater? **I used a sweater once. Good idea to have.

* What sort of special things are handy to have for the desert excursion? *

**Simplicity is the key. riding a camel suggest minimal cary on pack with just a sweater and tooth brush, bottle of water, hat/scarf…

* Do we take all our luggage with us out there or just a backpack for the night, leaving our luggage on the bus or somewhere like that?

**Yes, only small back pack.

**13. I was told about these books (I did not read them yet) Sheltering skies by Paul Bowles and Dreams trespass by Fatima Mernissi

**14. Good idea to carry few hundred in $20 cash with you or better more… It’s easiest and most accepted many places. Actually most places prefer Dirham-the local money & I found it cheaper to exchange cash. Possible to change $ in any city/ banks. There are banks in all the cities we’ll visit, credit cards are accepted many places-however, ck with your bank about the fees.

**15. Best to bring cash so we can tip the musicians every night and the guide and services at end of tour. (I would suggest $10 for each a day, tot $20)

*Good idea to inform your bank of your travel so you can use your c/c easier.

  • I would love to have an idea of where we are staying etc. Hoping that it will be in riads vs hotels and that the country will not be too overrun with other tourists by the time we get there.

*** Mostly hotels as in itinerary. (I was thinking a riad is better for a tight group but hotel has more privacy and since we’re a new to each other and because most people (from my other experiences) choose hotel.

However, we’ll be in a beautiful family built B&B/Riad style space in Ourica Valley

and yes, less tourists generally speaking but more at the fest in Fes…

*Any reports on the climate that time of year? I am figuring nicely warm 80-85 daytime a bit cooler in the pm. Bringing layers of clothes.

*** Correct. mostly really warm but good to have a jacket for the desert and some nights… (rained one day in Fes last time)

*Will we have swimming available?

***Couple swimming pools in Marakech, Ouarzazat and after return from the Sahara in Erfoud… Beautiful and life enhancing experience.

* Any electronic introduction before we go or do we meet everyone in Casablanca and proceed from there?

*** I’ll email all with simple details, hotel and contact info for arriving Casablanca. We’ll have a “meeting Dinner” first night in Casablanca.