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4) QiGong Morocco Tour Nov 8-17 / 2019

Our Guest Leader is the very respectful, Worldly Qi Gong Master-Mr. Lee Holden.

10 days of Cultural, Musical, magical, Qi Gong and Healing explorations.

We will travel Morocco to many cities, villages and ever changing

geographic nature, explorations of Cultures, “museum of Life” and

variety of tribal local music and Magic while practicing Qi Gong Regularly :

*QiGong Stretches

*QiGong Flows

*Self Acupressure.

*Transform stress into vitality.

QiGong Morocco participants will receive:

“Certificate of Completion: QiGong for self Healing”

(which counts as hours towards a QiGong teacher certification)

In addition, Lee offers you 50% discount off “5 Element Energy Flow”

program online.

Dror Sinai (Mugical-Morocco) is the tour organizer and leader and will

offer his witty philosophy along the way, music, drumming and private

healing sessions, of variety methods including Energy healing, Reiki,

RET, Hypnotherapy and love…

This is a life enhancing journey for the ones who are interested in

personal growth and gaining life enhancing tools and a certificate of

completion while having a joyful experiences of a lifetime…

For Itinerary , Registration forms and any questions. (seems we’re a third full by now)

 Email me