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Dror led a group from our synagogue on a fantastic journey through Morocco.  We were able to visit many Jewish sites and gain insights into Moroccan Jewish life, past and present.  We had Shabbat dinners in the homes of Jewish community members, getting a personal window into what living in Morocco as a Jew is like.  With his extensive knowledge of many subjects, his deep, yet playful life philosophy, his storytelling and musical talents, Dror was able to provide a unique experience in an interesting and wondrous country.

–Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker, St. Paul, Minnesota

I just finished a ten day tour of Morocco with Dror Sinai and a group of sixteen travelers. The whole experience was amazing. We were able to see and experience history and religion as I have never done before. Dror’s knowledge of the places and people, and especially of the music of Morocco, was outstanding. We were treated to at least six different kinds of music and dance over our ten days. We were able to meet with and dine with families on a number of occasions. Because of Dror’s personality and personal relationships with the people we met, we were always welcomed warmly into their homes as they shared food and music with us. The hotels and riads in which we stayed were beautiful. The staffs were warm and welcoming, and the food was excellent. For a tour of Morocco, unlike most others, I would recommend Dror Sinai’s tours unreservedly.
                                       Maury L.


Traveling with Dror is so much more than taking a trip – it is a truly memorable adventure.  How many travel guides can create an atmosphere at a historical site by spontaneously singing a prayer with the sweetest of voices?  And how many can regale their group on long bus rides with drumming, songs, stories, and lessons?  With his extensive knowledge of many subjects, his deep, yet playful life philosophy, and his personal relationships with so many people in Morocco, Dror is able to provide a unique experience is an interesting and wondrous country.

–Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker, St. Paul, Minnesota

Mount Zion Temple

“This was my second tour with Dror in 3 years. Seeing Morocco for the second time was seeing it with new eyes. Not only were there new sights and new adventures to be had, there was a chance to deepen my understanding of this beautiful country. Thank you Dror for your energy, experience, flexibility and head-stands!  -Linda A.”
Eat the bread, and dance the music! Come meet the unknown, gain deeper insight, and embrace the unfolding… A kaleidoscope of culture, music, food, shopping, bad jokes, breathtaking landscapes, tourist and non-tourist attractions, intimate gatherings with new friends, life lessons of past and present, magickal moments on and off the beaten path… with challenges and transformations and transcendences oh my! My life has forever been changed. The Tkitikat and Andalous music in Marrakesh, the Ahuoach dance party in Ourika Valley, the Gnawa group from the Sahara desert… and, of course, the Fes World Sacred Music Festival. I couldn’t stop smiling in Fez! To put it simply, I lost myself, then found myself again. Thank you, Dror, for this unique and enlightening “mugical” journey. It reinvigorated my heart, mind, spirit, and soul.
~ J.K. Norris, CA USA; Mugical Morocco, May 5-21, 2017



If I had to describe in three words the recent trip I took with my daughter to Morocco as part of the tour group organized and led by Dror Sinai they would be magical, musical, magnificent!

Dror’s intimate knowledge of Morocco and significant experience he has gained from traveling through Morocco for well over a decade, along with the remarkable contacts he’s made over the years with various hotels, places of historic interest, amazing restaurants, interesting shops, musicians, the friendships he’s developed and families he knows so well allow him to create a truly unique journey through this fascinating country. I was treated to Morocco’s rich cultrual heritage, its unique ethnic diversity and beautiful, breath-taking landscapes in a way that was life-changing.

The hotels we stayed at were beautiful and even exotic – like nothing else I’ve ever seen! This was not your average sightseeing tour! Dror arranged for ust to visit with Moroccan families where we shared in the joy and warmth of music, dancing, delicious food and laughter.

There was singing and music making on the comfortable Mercedes touring bus as our amazing driver, Fatah, took us on a magical journey through Morocco – from the Mediterranian Sea, over the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert and back! Our overnight stay in an Oasis in the Sahara was particularly profound and memorable.

As a musician, I particularly enjoyed the numerous opportunities, either spontaneous or as arranged by Dror, for us to experience traditional Gnaoua music. Of course the Sacred Music Festival in Fez and the bands that played at night in the town square were amazing and inspiring!

Finally, a word about my fellow travellers – this was a special bonus! I could not have chosen a more fun, spontaneous, creative and truly interesting group of people! There was always an opportunity for interesting and engaging conversation, laughter, singing and music making. I was also truly blessed to be able to experience all of this with my lovely and talented daughter, Simone.

Thanks Dror!

Marc Adler (2016 Mugical Morocco Tour)


The Mugical Morocco tour I took with you a few years ago was filled with amazing opportunities to experience the depth of Morocco’s musical heritage, up close and personal. This year’s experience was even better for the selection of accommodations (more traditional) and  smooth logistics. Your understanding of the culture makes it possible to access it ways that we could not manage individually.
I would totally recommend this experience to anyone who can fit it into their life.
A.Y.( Blue Morocco tour 2016)


Mugical Morocco has been a sensory sensation.

Dror included plenty of sights and events to prime our interest every day.There are a few strenuous walks and the heat in the market places can be pretty intense, so be confident of your physical capabilities and be prepared to “go with the flow”.

The cuisine and accommodations were all high quality.

Dror was helpful, informative and inspired us daily with positive vibes.

I’m not a musician but I really enjoyed the musical parts of the tour, including playing along.

If you’re tall like me the travel van is legroom challenged but otherwise really comfortable. and our most excellent driver was terrific.

Bruno/ 2016


Basically, I wanted to get a taste of Morocco, mainly of its music and some of its landscapes. I targeted a trip to include Fes Sacred Music Festival and chose to join Dror Sinai’s “Mugical Morocco” tour in May 2016.

Well, that was so much more than a simple taste,  trip, tour  or the Festival itself…. : it was a fascinating and inspiring journey that will keep its print on me for a while!
It was a genuine immersion into a muti-faceted culture, full of beautiful sights, colors, tastes, sounds – and silences too …:  like in the middle of  Sahara/Merzuga dune or at Ait Ben Haddu breathtaking pointview.

And the people… : Dror knows best to create and share the simple, authentic  and exciting encounters with the local people, craftswomen, musicians, street merchants, restaurant cooks or kids getting out of school and joining us to sing and dance in the street…

More on people: I don’t know how I got so lucky to be part of that group of wonderful persons of “Mugical Morocco” May 2016, including  our exceptional driver/guide , remarkable Fatah!
We just happened to connect so well and so quickly, respecting each other, and learning from each other, sharing  emotions, shopping experiences and same love for music,   simply living and loving life together…

In fact, yes I know: we were all lucky to get, receive and give back to each other Dror’s “magical flow”… : Dror is not only sharing his experience, knowledge, love,  enthusiasm, connections and musical skills and talent to make a great and definitely non-standard trip in Morocco. In addition to his relentless considereness and care for each individual in the group, Dror is gently spreading his positive energies and his life philosophy that simply make “Mugical Morocco” a journey of the heart and the soul, that make you become  “more of yourself”.

So, I warmly recommend Mugical Morocco life experience, with “mugical” Dror Sinai.
“It’s got to just flow…”


Dearest Dror,
I could write more and more about this special trip I had the privilege to share with that wonderful group and with you. For now, I’ll just add: THANK YOU!



The Moroccan tour with Dror was an adventure of a lifetime that I shall recall fondly for many years to come.  I agreed to join the tour at the request of my son although I had travelled there before and I am not a big fan of tour groups.  This was different in a very special way that brought us up close and personal not only with all the classical sights of Morocco but with its people, culture, and, especially, the music.  Just writing these words puts a smile on my face reliving this trip.  I recommended it highly.

Robert Gomez

Have to do it again some time Dror.  Good luck with the next group.


I was on the June 2014 tour with Dror and it was indeed a life-altering event. Few souls in the world have the capability of conducting a tour and making you feel like you are not on one. I got to see and partake in things off the beaten track that people only dream of. The music, sights, and conversations you have will last a lifetime. I am even thinking of going back and studying arabic in morocco I loved it so much. Thank you Dror!!!!

Jamie M.


Traveling to Morocco on the “Mugical Morocco” tour was a remarkable experience. Dror managed to combine just the right amount of music, authentic Morocco, city/rural experiences, and just the right amount of creature comforts!  Meeting and interacting with locals wherever we went was a real highlight for me. This is the perfect “un-tour” tour!


Linda A.


I just returned from the 2013 Mugical Morocco Tour, and it was so much more than just a “tour”. –If you are blessed enough to have Dror as your guide, be prepared to open your Heart fully, as you will meet many people who collaborate with him to make these tours one of the highlights of your life. The local guides he chooses become your Friends. I have never felt so looked after in my life, by Dror, and the people he chooses to work with.

One can not say enough about Morocco, the food, music, culture, and environment. But it is Dror and the local guides that make this a true journey of the Heart.
I will be ever grateful.


Selene David, LICSW
of Seattle, and Beyond!

Dear Dror;
I want to thank you so much for leading your Mugical Morocco trip this past May/June. I had such a good time – the other “fellow travelers” were great to meet and travel with and I was pleased with the way you interacted with us, Johad and the other guides that supplemented his work. My favorite part, in addition to the food, sights, the Moroccans and shopping in the souks, was the music you arranged for us each evening.  The variety and the uniqueness of each group was just wonderful.  I’m so glad that I purchased CD’s from the Gnawa group because I can get a “Morocco fix” now at home. I also filmed some of the concerts which I treasure reliving. I’m really glad I took advantage of the extension, because the Fes Sacred Music Festival was so wonderful. I hope you continue to offer this trip so that I can have some of my friends join you and see/hear Morocco and north Africa for themselves.
Warm hugs,
Dear Dror-
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed traveling with you and how wonderful the entire trip turned out to be. It was definitely a magical experience! I especially appreciated your warmth and considerateness and your very sweet soul. I hope our paths will continue to cross. If you are ever in the  area, you always have a place to stay at my house.
Many blessings,