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So many things, events and happenings to help keep life ALIVE .
I’ll mention few local and worldly events and will share more details as it gets closer.

** “Rock-Shabat” -Tomorrow-Fri-June 10/11,7:30 pm. At Temple Beth El-Aptos.

It becomes better and better, higher and higher…If you can use help delivering your prayers, desires and wishes with a great group of people and transporting music that elevates…

** TEDx-Santa Cruz. June 11-Cabrillo College.

“Ideas worth Sharing”- I’ll be there.

**”Intro to Doumbek” at the HAFLA in Half Moon Bay.
Sat/Sun 06/12/11 .
I imagine Dasha will serve us some great fun time with Belly Dance, workshops, bazzar, fun music and dance and oh yes, the food…
I’ll be teaching Sun 4-5pm.

** “Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp“. July 09-16/11
A million $ experience for almost nothing. I do not have the words to express the incredible experience of camping in nature with a bunch of beautiful and talented people, the teachings, the music, the dance, the joy, the life enhancing energy

** Doumbek workshop in Sunnyvale, Tues in June
Womans Group started, limited space. Contacted me right away if interested

**Ash Santa Cruz House Concert-Father’s Day!
Sunday, June 19 · 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Eva Salina Primack – if you never heard her sing-you must be there.
If you did hear her sing-I know you’ll be there.

**Helladelics in Santa Cruz
Saturday, June 18 · 8:00pm – 11:00pmGREEK music, come and dance.
I’m bringing Zorba in me…

**Mugical-Morocco 2012
I’m starting registration a year in advance. Details to come.
Please communicate with me if interested.

Share with your friends, hope to see you in one or all these magnificent experiences

** Hand Drum classes, private and groups:Frame drum, doumbek, riq, shakere, conga, cajon, djimbe…
I have few open spots local in Santa Cruz, if interested.

**My friends at the “Peace Boat” are collecting donations to supportEarthquake Emergency Relief

Keep Life ALIVE.
Dror Sinai