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With inspiration of the awakenings around the world-

Lets Occupy our Reality is my other way to say- Keep Life Alive

What am I doing about it?

Well, beside closing my Bank of America account (which I did several years ago)

I practice on focusing my intentions on what & how I like my life to be and what is my contribution to the world.

I’m learning that when my thoughts and my intentions are clear and focused – usually it leads to very positive manifestations

These manifestations allow me to Occupy my Own Reality and feel ALIVE.

I’m offering you to join me, join me with being aware and active, join me to these enlightening events, Join me to inspire others

Here are few wonderful opportunities for my Local friends and for all around the world:

*** Mugical Morocco 2012

A Life changing Magical, Musical and Cultural Journey to Morocco.

We tour the country by day- Casablanca, Marakech, Ouarzazet, Atlas mountains, Night in the Sahara, Fes… Almost every evening, wherever we are we’ll have local musicians playing for us-And then- We arrive at the Sacred Music Festival in Fes- 8 days of sacred music from around the world…

Register early for great discount or monthly payments…

*** “Intro to hand Drums“- workshop Thursdays Nov/2011.

w/ Dror Sinai

I’m exited to offer this workshop again and share.

*** Lucky Losada– Cajon/Compas workshop  Nov 1, 2, 3-
world-renowned flamenco percussionist, will teach in San Francisco & Santa Cruz
we’re so blessed to have this opportunity.

***  Creole Choir of Cuba at Kuumbwa Jazz- OCTOBER 22 (on tour in US)

from a friend: “Dror, this group is AMAZING! They are Cubans, all descended from Haitian slaves who were tricked into a second slavery in Cuba in the 19th century.  They sing songs handed down in their families, mostly in a French-Creole but also some Cuban songs.  POWERFUL stuff!!!
> I saw them in England this summer and they were the best thing of the whole WOMAD festival — stunning performers, powerful voices, simple but very striking choreography.  You can look them up on YouTube and see some performance footage.  The only instrument is congas, but it is SUCH a rich and powerful sound that they create.  Highly  recommend!!!!”

*** Middlle east music and Dance Camp July 7-14/2012

A million $ experience for almost nothing. I do not have the words to express the incredible experience of camping in nature with a bunch of beautiful and talented people, the teachings, the music, the dance, the joy, the life enhancing energy...


*** SIRENZ cd release show. Sat., Nov. 26th.
Enjoy an evening of soul stirring a cappella.

More info:

*** I’m available for these:

** Hand Drum classes, private and groups:Frame drum, doumbek, riq, shakere, conga, cajon, djimbe

I have few open spots local in Santa Cruz, if interested

*** A doumbek class is forming Sunnyvale area.

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Lets make it a life of joy
Hope to share some or all these events with you.
Reply to me, email me so I know we’re communicating

Lets Occupy Our Reality

Keep Life ALIVE.

Dror Sinai

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