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Did you ever explore a deep personal experience that changed all priorities in the order you’re used to?
Some very important things, situations, values that were in the forefront of your being, suddenly become secondary?

A time when life itself is not as obvious as we used to treat it?

A times when you know it’s a time for prayer but not sure how to?

How to be in touch with the essence of oneself and with the intention (kavana)?
How to  serve as a vessel to align it all and deliver it into the flow of being?
Flow of healthy, peaceful, creative, loving and happy life…

Well, it’s always a deep practice for me.
And I’m blessed to be able to share this time of the Jewish High Holidays with good friends and talented musicians.
To inspire for a personal alignment for prayer, for the New Year and for better times to come.
The collective power of prayer always makes it so much stronger and powerful.
I invite all of you, Jewish or not to join us at this universal, entertaining and spiritual experience.

Many blessings,
Shana Tova Umetuka


Evocative Piyutim and Selichot from the ancient Yemenite Diwan, Ladino songs from the Balkans, and modern Israeli versions of High Holiday liturgy woven together with story, and interpretative sacred dances. The evening will culminate in participatory song and dance.
Rachel Valfer Sills – Oud (Middle Eastern lute), vocals
Eliyahu Sills – Ney (Turkish reed flute)
Yinon Darwish – Traditional Yemenite vocals,  kemancheh (spike fiddle), guitar
Dror Sinai – Vocals, percussion
Miriam Peretz –  Dance

Experience the depth and power of the high holidays in a moving and heart-felt collaboration from these masters of traditional Eastern song and dance. The evening will evoke the longing and prayer for renewal that are at the heart of the Days of Awe, from a novel expressive and interpretative standpoint that is nonetheless based in Jewish traditions from around the East.

Temple Beth ElSun, Sept 12, 3pm.
3055 Porter Gulch Road
Aptos, CA 95003 (next to Santa Cruz)
$15 cash at the door

Days of Awe in Song and Dance
Kehilla Community Synagogue--Sat sept 11. 8pm
1300 Grand Avenue
Peidmont, CA
Tickets:  $18 general  | $14 in advance  (available @

**I’m putting together the next “MUGICAL” Journey to Morocco & Israel for next year (2 separate tours) … feel free to contact me if interested or questions.

I’m avail for performances, lectures, group & private classes.

Keep Life ALIVE.

P.O. Box 3226
Santa Cruz, Ca. 95063