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Dror Sinai is available to  conduct the following
lectures, clinics, workshops, residencies, demonstrations, and performances:

“Rhythms from Around the World” (45 minutes to 2 hours)
Dror’s most popular lecture/performance, this is an introduction to the exciting, ancient, and ever-changing world of percussion from around the world. Various instruments are introduced along with their cultural origins, uses, and contexts. To name few: Frame drums of the Middle East, Bendir of Morocco, Riq, Doumbek, and Tabla of Egypt, Djembe of West Africa, Shakers, Rattles… Also covered are the origins, materials from which the instruments are made, art and culture, and demonstrations of traditional rhythms & songs.

“Introduction to Hand Drums” (1½-2 hours per instrument)
This workshop can be taught as a series or each drum can be explored on its own. The instruments include Frame Drum, Riq (Egyptian Tambourine), Doumbek (Middle-Eastern Hand Drum), Djembe (West African Drum), and Shakeree (Gourd). For each type of drum, Dror explores each instruments’ geographic and cultural origins, comparison of materials and shapes, care and tuning, and the most natural (ergonomic) body and hand positioning for healthy playing. Participants will learn to create a variety of sounds, open themselves to the concepts of rhythm, find their own personal rhythms, and communicate with others. Perfect for those who want to have some direction and guidance in learning to play a variety of hand drums, or those who want to fine-tune their playing and communicate musically.
Also, teaching privately each of these instruments and more: Frame drums, riq, doumbek, shakere, bongo, conga, cajon.

“The Idiot of the Village” (1/2 hour to 2 hours)
In this one-of-a-kind gathering, the amazing variety of body and voice expressions are explored.  Using natural rhythm, pace, voice, body, and a celebration of the simple yet profound joy of music, the group is led in a dynamic symphony of movement, percussive sounds, and pulse of life.  This gathering shows that one does not have to be “schooled” to participate in celebrating the excitement of group music and fun-making…much fun!

“Drum Circle” (1/2 hour to 2 hours)
There are many possible variations on this theme, but what ties them all together is the aspect of participation. Dror creates an inviting, open, and warm atmosphere for those who wish to explore and experience percussive music in a group setting. This is perfect for Team Building; groups wanting to connect deeply through music, share a unique and joyful experience, or simply get to know each other through percussion. Dror facilitates the groups’ cohesion and journey and is an inspirational, warm leader.

Specialty Performances
Dror, who has performed internationally and with many world-renowned artists, is also available for special performances, either as a solo artist or as the coordinator of an ensemble.  He can put together a variety of groups: Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Caribbean, Latin, West African, Samba, and more.  Please contact us to inquire about available dates.

“Life Alive”-retreat. (4 hrs to  a weekend )

Educational, Social, entertaining and community building retreats.

Dror’s Solo Ensamble

Here and Now, Body and Spirit

hand drum workshop

Life Alive

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