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Rhythm Fusion Moving Out Sale Poster

Dear Wonderful Friends and Customers,

Over the past 20 yearsRhythm Fusion has been blessed by unimaginable growthinspiration, and joy in the Santa Cruz Community and beyond.  It has been a great and unforgettable ride.

With a heavy heart and positive attitude, we are closing the doors to our Rhythm Fusion retail store at the end of December.  We are calling this time of transition our
“shape shift” because we are closing but not disappearing!!

We will continue to be in Santa Cruz
(We’re looking for warehouse/storage space,( or our garage) and keep going with our online sales & Special orders.  We will also continue our drum repair service.  We will continue to promote workshops and I will still be teaching and doing live performances and concerts.

Rhythm Fusion’s Retail Shop will be closing the doors after December 31, 2009.

Until then, ALL is on SALE!

Drums, instruments,all merchandise & fixtures…

Please sign our email list so that we can keep in touch.  We plan on having the same telephone number and email address in the future.

We’ll do our very best to keep life alive and hope we can do it together with you!

Thank you for all your business, help, support, love and encouragement throughout the years.
We could not have done it without you.
We are going to miss you!  Stay in touch!

With Rhythms of Harmony,

Dror and Nancy Sinai

(we haven’t given up the belief in a miracle! someone to take over with the financial resources and energy to revive and expand the business… retail, music school, community center, museum????)

Keep Life ALIVE.

Dror Sinai

Rhythm Fusion
1541 c Pacific av.
Santa Cruz, ca. 95060